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These Terms & Conditions are intended to ensure the best use of this website, while respecting everyone rights, especially about privacy and intellectual property.
  1. Terms of use
  2. The website www.vergnano.com (the "Site") is intended to promote the Vergnano brand and its products. The Site may be subject to changes and updates. Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of these terms of use and your commitment to respect them. F.lli Vergnano Srl (the "Company") informs users that these conditions may be modified at any time.

  3. Intellectual property
  4. The content of the Site, including, without limitation, any logo, photo or downloadable document, are protected according to the intellectual property rights. The Company owns all copyright and reproduction of the material contained in this site is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the Company.

  5. Links to other websites
  6. The Site contains links to other websites. The Company has no control over them, nor can it control or check the contents. F.lli Vergnano s.r.l. assumes no responsibility for material created or published by third parties with which the Site has a link to. If you decide to visit any linked site you do so at your own risk and it is your responsibility to take all measures against viruses. The Company disclaims any responsibility for any link to another website and that references to the Site. The Site may be associated with that link and its content not specifically authorized by the Company.

  7. Responsibility
  8. The information and specifications contained in this website and in the downloadable documents are subject to change without notice. The technical data contained in this website and in the downloadable documents are to be considered subject to errors and / or omissions. The Company reserves the right at any time, at its discretion and without notice, to make changes to the products included in this site and downloadable documents.

  9. Applicable law
  10. Access to the site www.vergnano.com is governed by the Italian Law.

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